Our Services

In Agronegocios Jewell, we guarantee the quality of the products that we commercialize. It is our choice to work with selected farmers and we also grow our own grains. The company has a strong presence in different production areas from Argentina with agencies and warehouses. We constantly interact with the international market in order to keep up with new needs and tendencies.

Experienced specialists, with more than ten years of knowledge on the business, are in charge of every process. There is an articulation between the logistic, quality teams, and professionals in charge of documents and execution of each order, which makes it possible to deliver the goods in due time.

In Agronegocios Jewell, our customer’s needs are of great importance. More than forty years keeping our promises to the Argentine grain market is what distinguishes us.

We show quality and experience with the exportation of organic products and specialties that are produced at Argentinian fields.